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AVC Fine Art/AVC Painting
Art-Murals-Custom Painting

AVC Fine Art/AVC Painting
Art-Murals-Custom Painting

A  creative edge to painting for Home and Business


A  creative edge to painting for Home and Business


AVC - "A Visual Creation" 

Not just another painter

I am an artist that loves to work with others to bring ideas to reality...

 I offer home and business painting that includes: Fine art, fun and sophisticated murals, creative wall, woodwork and furniture finishes. 

Please enjoy this site.  I look forward to hearing from you!

"Always keep your eyes open.  Keep watching.  Because whatever you see can inspire you." - Grace Coddington


oil paintings on canvas


             "Bald Eagle" on 4' x 6' Canvas

Original painting of your favorite photo Wildlife, Landscape or... most sizes are possible.

Endless Themes of Paintings


               "Oil Painting on Canvas" 

From patriotic canvas paintings and wall murals to fun and exciting accented wall finishes. Go into portfolio to see full image of "Iwo Jima"

non-objective Paintings


The above commission work represents bright color and geometric shapes that work perfectly with the clients modern décor. The colors were decided upon from their rooms current colors and design.  Color and Form can evoke different reactions, feelings and perhaps a new perspective to the viewer.

Murals on textured drywall


Each mural project or accented area gives a special and personal touch of thought provoking imagery. 

Nursery Murals


Tree Mural with birds in baby's room.  Painted against lavender and pink walls.

Murals on cinder block


Scene of Wonderment and Intrigue...

Color Washes


The wall above was painted to match existing colors in the home.

Three Tone Ceiling and walls


The home above was painted in three colors.  It gives a warm and inviting atmosphere to the rooms.. 

Wall Accents


The pattern painted on the wall above is from a small design sample.  

Faux Finished Woodwork


The door is a fiberglass placement.  The rail is iron.  I did a wood grain faux finish to match existing woodwork.

Marble Faux Column


This was a gray fiberglass column added to the interior of the home. I did a marble faux technigue to match existing columns already in place.

Painted Furniture


The side table above was stained, scratched and in disrepair.  A painted fresh look gives the piece charm and a touch of elegance.

A Little History Revealed

Mural On Cinder Block

About Artist

I have been a professional artist for over 20 years.  I began as a house painter over 30 years ago and never changed course (just expanded my passion).   I was involved in a tragic accident at 28 years old.  I was informed that I only had a 10% chance of using my hands again.  This news was quite devastating to me.  With limited use of my hands, I strove to beat the odds and did. During my set back,  after much reflection and physical rehabilitation, I went back to college.  I received my Fine Art Degree in Studio Arts Painting from Metro State College of Denver (now MSU).  I was honored to be in the top ten percent of all art graduates, past and present, for best art thesis show.  My art pieces have been shown in many local and national art exhibits and I have continued to follow that path.  In 2003, I started AVC Painting.  I have completed work for countless clients and continue to better myself and build my business.  I split my time between custom home painting and creating art.  I have learned and mastered many faux finish and artistic techniques.  I combine all of my skills to beautify spaces for others, while continuing my canvas work.  I have always had a true affection for painting and enjoy providing my talents to others.  The creativity of seeing a vision come into reality is a true inspiration.   I love painting from solid colors to fine detailed art pieces and sharing my passion. 


                                                                                           David W. Fuehrer 


Matching Look and technique

This is a sample of color with darker glaze on two contrasting surfaces.  This gives a nice richness to this front entranceway.


Emphasis of Character

Little touches of natures surprises around a home or business add an abundance of mood.  These little things work really well anywhere around your space.  Archways are a great example of a great place to do something a bit different and inviting.

What I Can Do For You


"The best way to the future is to invent it." - Alan Kay


Turn your ideas into reality. For your home or business painting needs.  I am skilled at creating a wide range of services, including:

* Fine Art Painting ''Commissioned Canvas"

* Mural Painting "Inviting Atmosphere"

* Accent Walls "Character"

* Faux Finish  "Visual Texture and Ambiance"

* Painted Furniture  "Change of Pace"

* Custom Wood Refinishing  "A Fresh Look and Feel"

 *From Subtle Color To Dramatic

   Color Change*

How It All Works...

We meet for a face to face consultation.  We discuss ideas, color, design and general concept. Most important, I discover what is wanted and the reason behind it. From that point, colors and design are looked at and decided upon. Moving forward we stay in touch with progress and adjust any particulars or changes that may occur  (Always keeping main focus on the original concept and end project).

"Fair and Reasonable Pricing" for projects are discussed at time of  "Face to Face" consultation

No over the phone estimates are given, since each project is of different scale and uniqueness

"Safety, Honesty and Integrity are my Guarantee"

"I strive to make each project just what you envision"

"Thank you!  I look forward to hearing from you...David"


Below are more images of previous projects and commission works. 

****Tap on any image to view more than 35 individual photos.***

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein

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Please fill in the information page and let me know how I can be of service. You can also call me at (303) 947-8231 and ask for David. I do work in the entire Denver Metro Area and The Front Range. I have been painting for home and business and creating art for over 25 years

Thank You Again For Visiting AVC FINE ART/AVC PAINTING!

A special "Thanks" to all of my clients, family and friends.

I update photos regularly so check back in for updates.

"I look forward to hearing from you!  David"

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